Did I just capture a ghost?

I think I might have captured a ghost or a spirit or perhaps even the wind.  While out photographing the other day, I stopped at the local bike trail bridge in Morrow near my house.  I was into the way the rays were hitting the top of the bridge.  I took the following two photos seconds apart using my multiple shoot button.  I didn’t notice the anomaly in the second photo until I was home.  So, tell me, did I capture a spirit or is this just a camera glitch?  (There was no fog and I haven’t doctored the images.)

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Nice day

Nice day


A few seconds later.

311 responses to “Did I just capture a ghost?

  1. Seth, sorry I was not being facetious re the ghost train, people report sightings of spirit cars, horse drawn carriages and other forms of transport yes? Sometimes it is not a spirit it is an echo of the past. You did say this was a bridge over an old railway, old trains had puffs of smoke and steam as in your photo. BTW how did you do a smiley face in the comment box?

  2. I look at so many of your photos and am amazed. I enjoyed this set particularly since it has a message from beyond! (or it would be fun to think so!)

  3. Seth,
    Could it be a reflection from the steel in front of you? Actually, I think the knotholes on the wood on the left-hand side look pretty creepy, too. Well done, whatever it is you did. :&)

  4. Hi Sethsnap. Interesting photo. I used to be long to a paranormal group . and at first glance that is an intriguing photo. And could be something or the breeze blowing dust. But it’s a great shot. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ The Flight Attendant’.Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

      • Sometimes people (and me) make photos with some kind of bulbs in them. It happens accidently of course…
        They say those bulbs represents ghosts that linger around. Have you ever heard about this too?
        I have such photos, but I always thought there was something wrong with my camera, even thought the camera was new at the time…

      • Yes, it’s very interesting, but I really don’t know if it’s true. I would like to think of it as true… I really like the suspence of it and it makes me fantasise about who it is that’s appearing in some of my pictures…
        Here’s a link I found (I search just a little bit, so there can be found more, but it’s just an example…) http://www.spiritlite.com/orbs.php
        Have a nice day!

      • “Spirit orbs” tend to happen when the camera flash picks up mist, rain droplets, or dust in the air and reflects it back. Not really a reliable way of determining paranormal activity. I tend to find weird mists that show up like the one in yours more intriguing. 😉

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  6. Definitely looks like a apparition of some sort ~ maybe a poltergeist letting you know he’s messing with your camera. I hear they can be like that with mechanical equipment (smile)! .

  7. I love the idea of capturing a ghost, but on the less romantic side, it’s about the shape of a thumb print. 🙂 However, I do believe in spiritual beings, and I do believe they are all around us, so…who’s to say? I love your pictures!

  8. Seth, very intriguing. If that was paranormal phemena, hats off to you for capturing it.

    As much as “I want to believe” that, tryky, I have to consider the fog scenario. There may have been none in the area overall but I think it’s possible to have the dew point equalize with the temperature or drop slightly below it with the right amount of moisture, briefly localized at that one spot on the bridge, to create a very isolated patch of fog. the effect is similar to when having condensation forms on a small part of a window pane while the rest remains bare. It’s also kind of like opening the freezer door of your refrigerator on a hot and humid day, and seing the fog instantly form and descend toward the ground but then quickly dissipate or evaporate before getting too far.

    Despite the scientific (meterological) probability, the most interesting aspect about this is that we’ll NEVER really know for sure what actually occurred. I think that’s really impressive. I thoroughly enjoy that consideration.

  9. Hmmm MISTerious!!!! Hahaha… oh man I am too lame. Very interesting post though. And thanks for liking my post!

  10. I’m not sure it’s a ghost but then I’m not sure I believe there is, but I’m not sure i don;t believe either 🙂 The idea of an echo of another life is a much better one than any reality, nice shots and story.

  11. Hi Seth, thanks for liking my post, which led me to your blog. I love your pictures. Hope I can come back to you if I need some tips on how to take better nature pictures. I have now time in my hand and have discovered how rewarding nature-walks are and would love to capture those moments in nature with children. Take care.
    – Kallu

  12. First, I love the angle and composition of the shot. Ground level with the asphalt jutting into the distance framed in by the sides of the wooden bridge — beautiful. Now, as far as the anomaly: There is a certain race of river otter, called the Kwik-Foot-Um by some Native American tribes here in Oregon, that have been known to wait and then sprint across bridges in front of photographers at speeds of up to 100 mph. I think it’s possible you captured one with your camera. It’s just a theory…

  13. I like to think that good spirits are all around us. If you visit my blog again and type Cotton into the search bar, you will see that I captured this cat’s aura a few weeks before he died. He was not my cat, yet visited often. Nice cat, rotten owners.

  14. Spirit forms can appear as mist. If you did NOT see it with your naked eye, and caught it on film, it may very well be a spirit entity. (Creepy photo by the way.)

  15. Einstein believed that the concept of time was erroneous, man’s own contrivance to keep track of life and all the events therein. He believed that we all live in the past, the present, and the future simultaneously. Perhaps in this image you proved him correct, the fog could be from the day prior, or the next…. Or perhaps it is the left over smoke of a train gone past… I wonder… after you took these images.. did you walk in that direction? I ask because those who believe that this world is often inhabited by spirits of the past and in their presence it is a cool place – temperature wise – and I just was wondering if as you walked in that direction you had a sudden chill come upon you for the briefest of moments. As usual, your images are beautiful, and I can often find myself transported inside them. Thanks for continuing to share, and for your continued support of my blog. 🙂

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  17. There is more to this world than anyone can ever fully understand. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that as this is a bridge it is likely that there is energy tied up with it if someone chose to end their life there. Your digital camera is so much more powerful than the human eye and you may well have caught that energy without seeing it for yourself with the naked eye. You can see through the “fog”, so to me it seems that it isn’t a camera glitch.

  18. Maybe it came from the background. It looks like the mist was covering that green tree at the back.

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