Halls Creek Wood Nature Preserve: Introduction

A few days ago when the weather was fine, Todd and I wandered over to Halls Creek Wood Preserve.  It’s located about five miles from our house, not too far from the city of Morrow.  The park covers 238 acres and has two miles of trail.  Halls Creek and the Little Miami River meet in the preserve and offer beautiful water views.  We saw several interesting trees and enjoyed the art show that they had prepared for us.  While we didn’t see any of the parks animal inhabitants, we caught glimpses of their presence.  Over the next few articles, I’ll share with you the beautiful sights and sounds of the Preserve.  So, put your hiking boots on, grab your jacket and come away with us.

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Welcome, stay awhile.

Welcome, stay awhile.

Meeting place.

Fancy a canoe ride?

Come back in summer and let’s play.


Blue skies.

Beautiful view.

Peeking through.

Hanging by a thread.

Looking back.

All aglow.

Sun getting ready to bed.


Down at the river.

Natural bridge to nowhere.

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  1. Hey Seth…I’m going to try to catch up with what I’ve missed…I’ll be away till Mar. 17th so it may be sporadic…but I don’t want to miss anything! Love the first one…they are all amazing, but the first one has so much to say!

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