Another ghost?

Are the spirits following me around? (More)


27 responses to “Another ghost?

  1. You might have to call someone 😉
    I’ve seen things in my photos as well. Sometimes I’ll zoom in on something and it will be a strange figure but blurry.

  2. You take enough photos and you gonna get a ghost…… sooner or later…… I got a beauty in the middle of a sequence of four shots taken over a thirty second period………. complete with my dog staring in that direction! Way cool.

      • She just stood and stared…….. it only lasted for a few seconds. The shot just before and the one after [a few seconds apart] don’t show anything and my dog is looking away….. just that one shot and she is looking directly at it. Way cool.

  3. I have 3 pictures of my daughter with a spirit or angel. In two, there’s a definite white circle around her. I believe it’s her guardian angel. In another picture, there’s a purplish white streak by her hand, like someone was holding it. I believe that was my mom. I feel honored to have caught these on my cell phone. It’s truly amazing.

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