Get lost!

I had a hankering yesterday to get lost, to explore.  I took a random road off the interstate in the middle of Ohio farm country.  I wasn’t sure where I was going or what I was going to see.  I wandered through endless farmland, near abandoned buildings and around one lane curves.  I didn’t see a soul for hours.  Eventually, I found my way back home and to familiar surroundings.  Of course, anyone with a smart phone can never truly be lost.  Take a drive, get lost and see what you find.

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Beautifully worn.

Beautifully worn.

Granddaddy post.

Faithful fled.

Praise & Worship.

God & country.

Miles of nature.


Seeing shindigs

One fence post said to the other, “Where’d all the wire go?”

Country view

Country high tech.

Grand entrance.

Swept away.

Boy tank, meets girl tank.

Gold goodbyes.

105 responses to “Get lost!

  1. Damn! Loving the black and whites with a splash of color!

    Best kind of days are the days you just go without a plan and explore what’s right under your nose 🙂

  2. I love getting lost and finding new places. I went completely off the map in Copenhagen once (my tourists map that it! I went further than the cartographer thought any tourist would go!) I wouldn’t like to do that in some areas, but Copenhagen seemed pretty safe. 🙂

  3. God & Country is an amazing picture. For a second, I thought it was two pictures next to each other. The contrast between the two sections is stunning.

  4. Definitely amazing!!! I want to do that more, just roam and see where I end up and catalog my travels by way of photography too…such an inspiration you have given me by sharing this, thank you!

  5. These are some really fine photos! I really like that God and Country one. Interesting. I also like that word hankering, but here in Texas it would be hankerin’ without that g. Thanks for sharing.

    • Well in the South where I grew up (TN, AL, MS) we don’t put a ‘g’ on it either but I had to pretty it up for those who don’t speak Southern or Texan. 🙂

  6. Getting lost is good fun, sometimes. I admire you for purposely going somewhere you’ve never been in order to get lost!

    By the way, high five for being ‘Oxygen’ buddies 😉

  7. A favorite form of entertainment for my husband and I is always going for a drive along country side roads and we have gotten lost alot it makes for a wonderful day. We really enjoy your photo’s thanks so much for visting my blog

  8. I’ve been very lax recently in reading my favourite blogs, so thought I’d catch up with everything today. Glad I did – I’d forgotten just how good some of your pictures are. Thanks!

  9. Those would be great blown up and framed. Be a great mood for a living room or reading room. Kind of a still beauty…

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