All Hallows’ Eve in Canterbury

I was looking for a picture from a past vacation when I stumbled upon my photos from a visit to Canterbury in the United Kingdom.  Back in 2005, a group of us (Todd, Ryan (Todd’s brother) and Kim(Ryan’s wife)) took a trip on a sunny summer afternoon to Canterbury in England.

It was a glorious day.  The sun was perfect to capture some of the old city’s landmarks.  If you’ve never been to the England and all you know of her comes from history books and TV shows, then Canterbury is how you probably see England in your head.

There is something medieval and a bit spooky about Canterbury’s beauty.  One can imagine ghosts roaming the street ready to jump out and scare you around the next corner or sneak up behind you and whisper “boo” in your ear.  I kept waiting for knights dressed in their best armor to round the corner with their swords gleaming in the sun as they went about their daily exercises.  On you next trip to England, you must stop by Canterbury.

To purchase prints or get a better view, click on the photo.  To see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

Spider’s view

Mr Spider’s home

Yoga Jesus

In the light


Line in the sky

The boy

157 responses to “All Hallows’ Eve in Canterbury

  1. Love these! This former English major can still recite the first 20 lines of the Canterbury Tales in the original Old English…. thanks for the beautiful pics!

    • Thanks David. I’ve been lucky 90% of the time with the weather in England. Although one time I was laying over in Brighton and we had nasty weather with gale force winds.

  2. I’m living in Bath in the Uk at the moment. Your shots are great. If your in this nape of the woods again you should have a look, you’d love it.

  3. Very nice indeed, especially the view through the spider web. You would have enjoyed the view I got in a friend’s village in Hampshire,UK. It had been raining the night before and we were walking down to the high street when suddenly the sun shone down on the raindrops on hundreds of spider webs in people’s hedges. It was like seeing a million diamonds at once! 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my new blog. I do Iove photos like yours, but you’ll never see them on Write On! I’m afraid.

  4. Canterbury was a favorite day, our last trip to the UK. We spent a couple hours wandering the cathedral with Father Ron, who never ran out of stories, historical details, or anecdotes. Lovely, lovely city.

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  6. England really has so many wonderful places to see and explore, doesn’t it? Last year we did a most wonderful tour on a narrowboat through the “Heart of England” [], and for next year Cambridge actually is on our “must-visit” list.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  7. I am so glad that I posted my prose so I came across your blog when you liked it ! Your photographs are so touching that they leave the most vivid impression on one’s mind.

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