The sun returns

After what seemed like an eternity, although it was around four days, the sun entered my life again.  The past few days, Sandy has kept my friend away from me.  This morning I peeked out the window and was delighted to see his shining face.  He welcomed me with the warmth that only he can provide.

The sun’s visit reminds me that it’s time to move forward as Sandy sinks below the horizon in the rear view mirror.  To all my east coast friends and family, you are resilient and I know you will prevail and rise up stronger than before.
To get a better view, click on a photo.  To see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

Welcome back

I enjoy your warmth

82 responses to “The sun returns

  1. As always your timing for posting is impeccable. I’ve been stuck indoors babysitting and hosting for an additional 5 people( My family that got hit hard with Sandy still have no power and wont for a few weeks). Today i got stuck with the babysitting gig again and I’m just about going stir crazy( and kind of annoyed cause everyone just LEFT without consulting me). I’ve been calling gas stations since all the local gas stations are empty or closed down and just got so frustrated so i clicked over and on to WP and saw you updated. Looking at your photos was a cyber visit outdoors and peacefulness just seeped out the computer screen. Much needed and much appreciated. Thank youuuuu.

  2. These are some of your best…!
    So glad the sun shines again (literally) for you….
    Such a sad event for so many… Your pics will help brighten many a day, I’m sure…

    • It depends on what you are going for. In the field shot, I liked how there was one barren little tree. I zoomed in a bit on it to make it the focal.

  3. Those colours are simply stunning, not what we see here in California. While I’ve never been in any storm like Sandy, I lived many straight gray days in Britain, and a few of those were fairly breezy. Nothing like that beautiful sun to bring a sense of relief.

  4. I love fall colors… Seeing the beauty of Ohio makes me want to move there. You capture life so elegantly.

  5. Because sunshine is a photographer’s friend! 😀 Not saying that clouds, etc aren’t though, I love taking photos of clouds they tell very interesting stories.. 🙂 Talk about clouds, I haven’t posted any shots of them (only one)… I’ll post one now. 😛

  6. I love the colors and shots. Also, it’s wonderful that you have an entire category dedicated to ‘Drive By Shootings’- it’s my favorite way to take pictures!

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