Red on a blue day

Sandy, it turns out, was not a tease.  She came with force and unfortunately, she indeed put out.  Here in Ohio, she brought a spit of snow, some wind and gobs of rain.  For all the east coasters out there, speedy recovery thoughts from me to you.

It was hard to find inspiration on such a blue and dreary day.  But, despite the rain, wind and snow, I did happen to find a little color out there today.   I found mostly red with bits of yellow, magenta and orange tagging along.

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Snow this morning

Dull day in Ohio

Bits of color

A little yellow orange



Red on a blue day

90 responses to “Red on a blue day

  1. Ever since discovering your blog I visit daily, to see your beautiful Ohio as seen through your camera lens. I love all your photos. The one of the fence is beyond words.
    Thank you for posting such inspiring, beautiful, and lovely images.

  2. I needed these beautiful photos. I didn’t get hit hard, mostly fallen trees and the house is intact. But my family in the rockaways got hit hard as did so many others. I turned off the news its so depressing. My heart goes out to everyone, hoping for speedy recovery for everyone and safety…things can be replaces..people cannot. I spent a big chuck of my day trying to hunt down the street cats. Little fur-balls are resilient. Thanks for you beautiful pictures!

  3. Hi – thank you for the like. I look forwards to keeping up with your posts – am a bit of a photography admirer and I so wish that I had the knack myself!

  4. From all the reports we are seeing here, it sure looks like Sandy left quite a path of destruction. Hopefully, the clean up and recovery doesn’t take too long. Lovely photos!

  5. Kudos to you for finding something positive in Sandy.It was a huge storm. I live west of Toronto and we had horrid winds through the night and loss of power for a few hours. I’ll be doing a blog entry about the storm within the week — trying to find something — anything– to laugh about! Loved your photos…you certainly have a good eye for color and perspective.

  6. I like the close-up of the fence. You always know how to take awesome pics. 🙂
    I don’t know what having a huge storm/hurricane/etc is like, and I kind of hope I never will… 😛 Anyhow, I guess that’s all from me. 🙂

  7. Beautiful pics, love the contrast of gray with a touch of color, like the old black and white photographs back in the day they used to add color by hand.

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