Wonderful Visby, Sweden

The last stop we will make on our Northern European cruise is to a city on a large island in the North Sea. It’s called Vibsy and it is magnificent. Upon arrival, we had been transported to a quaint medieval village. Each cottage was painted a cheerful color and had a rose bush or two. It was a welcome recovery visit for me and the start of a rough time for Todd.

The evening after we left Tallinn, I started to feel sick. I had a fever, chills and body aches. I did not want to go to the medical center on staff as I knew I would have been quarantined in my room for several days. However, I stayed in my room as to not expose others. I missed the next two stops, Helsinki and Stockholm. Todd stayed on board with me during the Helsinki stop. However, I made him leave the ship and go explore Stockholm.

I was feeling well enough and my fever had broken that I was able to get out and explore Visby. Todd started to feel unwell when we arrived the next day in Copenhagen. We had made arrangements to visit our friends there. However, we canceled as we did not want to expose them. Todd stayed in the room the entire two nights we spent in Copenhagen.

The flight home was a horrible experience for poor Todd. He was bundled up in a small little Air Canada blanket shivering. This was Summer of 2019 so we were just thinking it was plain on flu. We had a 9 hour stop-over in Toronto. I was hoping we could have found some sort of hotel in the airport. But we could not find one. So, he had to rest on the ground.

When we made it to Cincinnati, our friend picked us up and insisted that Todd go to the ER. We went to the ER and discovered that Todd had both types of Flu and had developed a bit of pneumonia. He made a full recovery in a about a week.

We have travel a great deal and haven’t had the bad luck of being sick. So we brushed it off as just one of those times. Unfortunately, as you might remember, the next vacation, to Australia and New Zealand in February of this year, was a second trip in which we had to battle an ailment. This time it was kidney stones for Todd.

The last two times have made Todd a bit nervous for our next trip(Whenever that may be). But, soon, we will be packing and heading out for our next adventure despite his apprehensions. There is no other way!

4 responses to “Wonderful Visby, Sweden

  1. Wow so sorry about your “sick” trips! We both got bad head colds when we were in India and we thought THAT was bad. I feel so bad for you two. Next trip, whenever that might be, is going to be awesome! For all of us 🙂

    • Yes. There were sick days but the good days on those trips outweighed the bad ones. And I am sure we’d do them both over again knowing of the coming sickness.

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