Story of the forgotten man

The year is 1888. A new journal has just been purchased. It’s time to record the happenings of one man’s life. The journal will be filled with places, events, people and everyday costs of items. The writer’s name though will never me mentioned.

The year is 1898 and the journal has been put away in storage for ten years. The contents are only known to the author. Events from time to time will be remembered in the mind of the man. People mentioned are still part of the author’s narrative. Mundane items and happenings however have been misplaced in his thoughts.

The year is 1947. Two wars have been fought, a great depression has visited mankind and a pandemic cut many folks lives short. The author has departed the earth. The events and people of the 1888 journal still reside in the memories of those that remain. But the journal has been placed in a locked storage unit. The life of this unknown man is frozen and waiting to be discovered. No one will likely see it for many years to come.

Sixty years pass like a thief in the night. Time has stolen many memories, events and people. A cold war came and went. Technology has shrunk the world. The journal, its contents, and the forgotten man still wait to be discovered.

The year is 2020. A man purchases an old journal from 1888 to start his collection of forgotten people and stories. He makes it his mission to uncover the identify of the author of the old journal and tell his story. He will do so over the next few weeks.

Now sit with me as I tell you about the year 1888 from the perspective of the unknown author. The author’s identity has been discovered and will eventually be revealed to you along with his stories.

The first chapter will begin soon and we will look at the author’s life in January 1888. Each article will feature a month of the forgotten man’s life until we finally reach December 1888. I will reveal who the man is in the last article. I will also share with you what I found out about his life after 1888.

Expect to meet new people, learn about what he chose to do in his free time, and even the cost of dentistry back then. The forgotten man will no longer be forgotten. He will now live through us in our memories.

12 responses to “Story of the forgotten man

  1. Excellent. Excellent series to come with a robust magnetism. I’m in, and look forward to the next! I love historical friends, and this is that + sleuthing and discovery, which always has a tendency to provide the gift of self-discovery as one enacts the process of the journey. Good stuffstance here.

  2. This is exactly what I encourage people to do — keep a diary. Over the past few years, I have spoken in front of many audiences and I always ask that they consider keeping a diary. Most people give the same excuse for not keeping one –“My life is ordinary, why would anyone be interested?” I tell them that their descendants will be very interested. And now I can add ‘random’ folks who like to hear about ‘forgotten people’. Really looking forward to the episodes to come. Terry

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