Your Story: Then & Now

There’s this old place that lives just up the road.  It’s been the subject of my thoughts before.  It has a storied history complete with explosions and train crashes.  It’s time you wrote your own history for this place.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.



At some point in its past.

25 responses to “Your Story: Then & Now

  1. There’s a crack in the window that looks like a heart
    There’s a clock in the centre where we see time depart
    And they say ‘no trespassing’ , it’s forbidden they say
    But their walls are all crying for a gentler day

    The train tracks are rumbling while an old light shines pale
    And the storm on the horizon is part tempest, part gale
    So we climb to the tower, watch it blow off some steam
    And seek in the history a wisp of the dream

  2. The tower was silentas it watched the skyline changed, from broken glass panes to passing trains..soiled gate ways ..its written to smile ..for the camera ..but not to enter the area

  3. A golden thread begins to be woven in the tapestry as bricks are laid for the corner building. As time goes on there are beautiful stitches with small amounts of wild, painful knots. As the pain is woven, also in those knots are grace and peace. Once again joy and laughter comes ant the beautiful stitches are woven into the building adjacent and the other threads in the town.

  4. Is this a “Pioneer” station,
    That took travelers where they needed to go?
    East, West, North or South
    Where they were going
    Nobody knows

    It’s now a historical building
    Just remnants of the past
    If the walls could talk
    Think of the stories they could tell!

    But it sits all alone and empty
    It’s deteriating as well
    It would be nice if this old building
    Could be restored to its old glory!

    If only as a museum
    To tell its old story!
    Seth I hope you liked my poem
    I worked hard on it can you tell?
    Good night my friend
    Your pictures are swell!!

    Hugz Lisa

  5. I just wanted to see where grandpa worked. I had stumbled on a trunk in the attic and all of his memorabilia an old shirt. As i walked down the alley of the old factory I wondered if my grandfather had made the same walk, did he look at the building and wonder like I was or did he find distraction amongst friends and lunch brakes.

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  7. Hi Seth. Forgot to share my poem with you. The 7th photo with the broken windows spoke to me and I shared your photo and my poem with my readers and friends last week. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

    Shattered Past

    Broken windows, shattered past
    Those golden days that never last
    When things were new, and life was good
    The years flew by misunderstood
    With panes all broken, and bricks now grey
    The happy memories fade away
    But time moves on, as people do
    There’s still that chance to start anew.

    Toni Andrukaitis

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