What’s your fancy? In corn

In this edition of What’s your fancy?, I’m offering three photos of a common scene around these parts this time of year. Corn.


I took these two shots with my Nikon D5200 and used a 55mm-300mm Nikkor lens.  The shutter was set at 1/400 and the aperture was 4.8.

Post shot editing

I used FX Photo studio on two of the three photos for post editing.  The styles are listed below each photo.

So what’s your fancy?


No crazy post editing. 

Black, White & Red Comics.

Yellow only.

61 responses to “What’s your fancy? In corn

  1. while all three are great and depending on my mood I could love any, I have to say today the top one is my fancy today! I see you are using a 55 – 300 nikkor…I recently purchased a 55 – 200 nikkor and I’m wondering if I jumped the gun a bit because it was affordable??? is there a “huge” difference do you think?

  2. Each one has its own personality and draws you to a different detail, the first one for the silo and the bottom one really draws attention to the corn. all great shots in ther own right

  3. The top one first, followed by the last one, then the middle one. I picked the last one second because the yellow of the corn with wisps of green presented a happier/soothing/upbeat emotion to the harsh/imposing red silo picture.

  4. The first one is the best … though, there is something interesting about the third, with just the focus on the yellow … but, I think the first one really works the best.

  5. Corn is always such a beautiful thing to shoot… maybe because it is a grass? I don’t know.

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