Tree Art returns

Take a walk with me through a local park near a major river that feeds a large city.  Tree art abounds here.  From the completeness of the full view to the uniqueness of the individual close-up view, everywhere you turn, beauty exists.


Let's start from afar.

Let’s start from afar.

Move in a bit closer.

No we are getting there.

Treasures we’ll find.

Broken but beautiful.


Keeping watch.

Felt tip.

Up close.

Sea creature or grinding gears.





32 responses to “Tree Art returns

  1. The logs that were once trees..screams and crumbles ..on the grass beneath..pointing to men who had sawed it straight or broken it unevenly..clouds that floated got a glimpse of their agony..pain was in the air..its vibes shook the thunder vehemently..why you only watch me in despair..never do you come and rescue me..the trees now dead..lay motionless ..decaying slowly..making room for new ones that may follow in the next photo sethsnap :))

  2. I don’t know Seth, something is different about your pictures. In a good way! Maybe I’ve been away from blogging for too long and haven’t seen your beautiful pictures in too long. But looking at this set they look AMAZING. Clearer and crisper then I remember your photos ever looking. It’s so realistic i feel like I’m looking at them in real time. The first shot made me swoon with its beauty. Talented you are mister!

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