Frederick left his home in Harstad, Norway over a year ago with one goal in mind.  He wanted to see Ohio.  He first heard of this place from his teacher in geography class.  She talked of acres of corn fields, rolling hills, and friendly plump midwesterners.  He’d had enough of beautiful fjords that reach to the heavens, the dancing northern lights, and those awful reindeer.

One day, he packed up his best lusekofte and headed west.  He buzzed for days, months, and a year.  After crossing the Atlantic, passing by New York City, and flying over Pennsylvania, he found himself in the Buckeye state.  After a few days, he was missing Norway.

Getting dizzy.

Getting dizzy.

Frederick doing the Norwegian fly dance.

True colors.

Frederick’s new BFF, Pamela.

The neighborhood bully, Cooetta.

The odd couple.

18 responses to “Frederick

  1. Frederick was indeed paying attention in geography class…all I remember from geography class in high school was hearing the news Elvis Presley had died and bursting into tears …memories…and odd connections indeed 🙂

  2. I think you’ve got yourself a children’s book going … Frederick Flies to Ohio … a little story, told in rhyme, illustrated with your photos… I think you’re onto a money maker, Mr Snap. Seriously….

  3. When I see a bee, I always remember a quotation, “If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive”

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