Butterfly beauty

This time of year the skies are filled with fluttering beauties.  They swirl and twirl in and out of patches of beautiful wild flowers.  They illuminate the sky with the colors of the rainbow.  They entertain with exotic flight dances and passionate flower kisses.  They enhance the beauty that is summer.

Wonderful colors.

Wonderful colors.

Hide and seek.

Visiting hours.

Pit stop.

Frozen in flight.

Clash of the butterflies.


Butterfly kisses.

Bad hair day.



50 responses to “Butterfly beauty

  1. Hi Seth! Absolutely wonderful! I just adore butterflies and you have captured some great snapshots! Love your work! Thanks so much for sharing….have an awesome week! You are amazing! Barbara xxxxx

  2. hey there…I love butterflies, but unfortunately I don’t see them where I live…my yard isn’t landscaped yet and there aren’t any flowers around…I so look forward to seeing such beauties as the ones you captured eventually…love these shots Seth!

  3. Beautiful photos. I envy you of all these beautiful butterflies, Iceland is such a cold land, that the colorful butterflies cannot live here with us – so lucky you 🙂

      • Thank you and yes, that’s right, Iceland is a beautiful country and fun to photograph everything that there is to be found, but to go abroad and see and photograph things and beings that are not found in our own country is like getting into the a toy box, then you become like a child again.

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