For the love of leaves

We live our lives below the trees, surround by their arms, and shaded by their leaves.  Yet we rarely stop and give much thought to the beauty that is a leaf.

Blended nicely.

Green razor.


Palm’s up.

Future fan.

Building bridges.



In awe.

Feeling hopeful.

Love my dark side.








51 responses to “For the love of leaves

  1. I love leaves and have since I was very little. I used to make crayon rubbings of them, jump in them and even dissected them! (young scientist/botanist) I always enjoy your subjects and this is one of my favorites. Nature puts me at ease after a long work day 🙂

  2. Love walking beneath those leaves ,and particularly enjoy autumn with all the leaves brightly coloured. Yes, beautiful and a sense of peace.

  3. I’ve been adding to a future post for some time now. A post on leaves. I smiled when I saw you post. You’ve compiled some really superb images here. I enjoyed it immensely.

  4. wow, Nice! I love trees! I feel like they are kind of this old wisdom, quietly standing by watching over us. My favorites have to be “Flowing,” “Relaxing,” and “Skylight.” Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just stumbled across this and I’m already in love! Particularly with the Skylight photo… I spend a lot of time loving trees and leaves because of my job, and I’ve always wished I could capture the beauty I see in them somehow–thank you for doing it for me!

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