Your Story: Todd and Jackson

Todd and Jackson want to be the stars of your next plot.  Write a story for them.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photos.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.


33 responses to “Your Story: Todd and Jackson

  1. Todd no longer knew where he was and was growing concerned; Jackson had brought him here, and Todd had trusted Jackson’s judgement on where to go.

    Jackson no longer knew where they were but didn’t care; there were new smells to take in here so he was happy.

  2. Todd was frustrated that Jackson was spending so much time sniffing the urine auras of other dogs. They had a damsel in distress to rescue, and this trail was looking steeper all the time.

  3. Todd’s nike app said 6 miles. He was ready for breakfast but Jackson showed no signs of stopping. He was Todd’s best friend next to Seth so he wanted him happy but he had a screaming stomach. So Todd whoa’d Jackson and said to him “i’m so glad you’re getting your exercise and finding joy in the nature around us. It really is beautiful. But, Buddy it’s time for breakfast so we have to go home.” So they took the shortcut home and found biscuits with gravy waiting on them when they went in. Seth can cook a breakfast.

  4. Run. Run. Run. The boredom of life, the tedium of modern society where thoughts were at risk but not often life necessitated Jackson spend parts of it just lying around. All he wanted to do was run. Run like his forefathers had run. Run like his foremothers had run. Let the scent of prey, trees, and other packs of dogs wash over his sensitive nose. Let the sound of wind, water and scurrying feet prick his ears.
    Todd understands Jackson’s need to run. Or he understands the need to move, but not the primal, primitive need to set himself against the blood-line which produced him, to try himself against the cold reality of nature itself. Todd doesn’t understand this, too removed by technology to remember the song of blood once sung by his mothers and fathers. But he does understand the dog’s need to run. He sees the joy in Jackson’s eyes. He hears the excited panting of Jackson’s lungs. He feels the eager pull of the dog against the leash.
    Jackson leads the way, running, hunting, free to be the part wolf his family once was. Todd follows, freed from the weight of instant by trees, sky and a gentle breeze.

  5. “Where are we boy?” Todd thought to Jackson. Obviously, the experiment in human-to-dog telepathy wasn’t working. Perhaps, if they kept running, they would eventually get back home.

    “Where are we, Todd?” Jackson thought to Todd. Apparently, humans aren’t receptive to a dog’s thoughts. Perhaps if I send some long range thoughts to Seth. “Hey, Seth. Be ready with those treats.”


  6. Wolf Dog takes Man Friend on a vigorous run. Wolf Dog, intelligent creature that he is, lets Man Friend harbor the idea that he’s in charge, but we all know better.

  7. Todd and Jackson out on a stroll!
    Todd enjoying the scenery
    Jackson is sniffing the knoll
    Todd picks the way on where they shall go
    Jackson sniffs the ground to tell what pooch or animal
    Has been there before!

  8. “What’s the hurry, Jackson? Where are we going?”
    “Todd, we’re going to Florida to meet up with that Crazy Siberian that keeps asking if I can come and play at her house!! Step on it!”
    “That’s real far from here, Jackson!”
    “Well, I can make it..can you? If you can’t…I’ll go get Seth!”

    Ha!! I just love your Husky!!

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