Spring gifts

Each Spring, Mother Nature leaves us gifts here and about.  Wrapped in green, yellow red, and blue, these touches of beauty fill our eyes with radiance, our mind with wonder and our soul with happiness.

fl3 copy

Neatly wrapped.

Early stages.

Out of place.

Blue or purple?

Beauty of the ball.


Common beauty.

58 responses to “Spring gifts

  1. Thanks for the blooms , there’s not much blooming here due to the late cold spell . I’m sure spring will make here sooner or later .

  2. These colors are just incredible! Nature will lift your spirit up every time! 🙂 You always have the best pictures!

  3. They lift the spirits….but over here in the U.K. we are still waiting the for the real spring explosion….I guess we are about 5 weeks behind last year. No doubt it will all come in a rush

  4. Welcome spring to 2013! Love your delightful gallery.
    Have a great weekend. Love the big Magnolia bud, I hope it’s. Beauty of the ball.???

  5. There is a cherry blossom tree by me and I was walking Bianca and thought you would take such beautiful pictures of it. I would love a picture of the pretty white and pink petals falling in a stream and blowing in the wind.

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