Beautiful misfits

Let’s celebrate the odd, the unusual and the strange.  Nature, just like us, has a great variety of beauty.  From the bizarre looking worms living on a tree branch to the lesser known wildflowers, Mother Nature reminds us that without differences, the world would be a bore.




Band of merry men.




Landing pad.

Tree creature.

Butterfly hangout.

Beauty mark.

54 responses to “Beautiful misfits

  1. That first photo…are those tent caterpillars? We have those here but most people cut them off their trees and burn the them. They are cute fuzzy little caterpillars but they destroy the trees 😦

    • Yes Diane, I think that is what they are. I wonder what positive things they do for the environment. Instead of just destroying trees, I hope they do provide some sort of positive contribution.

  2. Such wondrous tales in your photos, Seth! Beautiful framing!

    Here is the first I notice, but I’m sure there are many others…

    The community gather on the gray rural road,
    Where the topic for discussion, be protection,
    With the band of merry men now more numerous,
    Trapperkeepers where sort for security,
    The motion was passed unanimously,
    As the shape of the situation took a turn,
    Landing pads began to spring up everywhere,
    Call on our friend the brave Tree Creature for help
    But the butterflies began to congregate at the hangout below,
    Suddenly everyone saw the beauty mark, we all sighed in relief…

  3. I love nature photos. You have opened a door in my mind. I will think on it a few days and perhaps write about a nature walk, or a tree I knew in childhood…..once started, ideas fly in and roost. I can choose one at will. Thanks for the distinctive photos!

  4. Beautiful series- the colors, the composition, the textures, and especially the subjects. It reminds me of how Georgia O’Keefe gained her inspiration from a flower in a large painting and decided to paint in a way where we could view the essence of smaller moments. Really wonderful!

  5. It’s like watching a nature program every time I see you putting up these kinds of pics— except you get to actually look at the detail, with the color amplified. 🙂

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