Bee madness

Todd, our friend Karen, and I were enjoying a nice spring stroll in a local park.  The sun was shining, there was a light breeze, and the sounds and smells of spring were capturing our senses.  All of a sudden, a swarm of cheeky bees came roaring by.  They grabbed my camera as they passed.  I went chasing after them, through the woods, near the stream and around the corner.  They were too fast for me and soon the bees and my camera disappeared.  Out of breath, bewildered, and in shock, I sat down on an old log and stared into the wilderness.  Memories of the “treenapped” event came flooding back into my mind.  I was sure that I’d never see my camera again.  I got up, found my way back to the trail, and began looking for Todd and Karen.  As I rounded a corner, I saw my camera sitting along side the trail, unharmed.  I was happy to see my old friend.  By the time I returned home, I’d almost forgotten about the bee incident.  In fact, I had convinced myself it hadn’t happened. I began the exciting and arduous task of reviewing the thousands of photos I had taken that day.  As the last memory of the bee event began to recede back into the never regions of my brain, a picture that I hadn’t taken flashed on my computer screen.  It appears the bees were quite the photographers.

The bee says "Yummy."

The bee says “Yummy.”

Todd’s friends.

Bee skyscraper.


Landing pod.

Down by the stream.

Nature’s perfect accents.


“Welcome to my forest.”

Northern bells.

Reaching for the sun.

Opening up.

The other side.

Location: Cox Arboretum, Miamisburg, Ohio

65 responses to “Bee madness

  1. These photos are just stunning. All the more reason why I’d nominated you for the Sunshine Award (posted on April 21st)! You’re one talented photographer *and* story teller. And you always make me smile. Many thanks!

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