That crazy yellow flower

There’s a wild yellow flower here in Ohio that pops up this time of year.  It takes over the forest, creating fields of yellow and green.  It’s light, friendly, and rarely serious. It’s a fun plant to shoot the breeze with.  Next time you are in the forest, seek these flowers out.  They will lighten your day.

Sparkly Sam.

Sparkly Sam.

Shy Susan.

Getting tongue-tied.

Worth the money.

Opening up.

Think of the next.

68 responses to “That crazy yellow flower

  1. Reblogged this on Carolina Mountain Blue and commented:
    Sometimes, with all the madness that the world can bring us, it’s good to step back and take a look around at the beautiful majesty this world has to offer…

  2. Hi Seth, it’s pretty likely that those cute little flowers are Ficaria verna (previously Ranunculus ficaria L.), also known as Fig buttercup, lesser celandine and pilewort.

  3. They are lovely and look very much like the buttercups we have here in Australia…it is the simple things in life that shine the brightest…lovely pics..enjoy the beauty 🙂

  4. Caltha palustris – is the Latin name of this flower – we have in Sweden too … but it doesn’t bloom until summer. Lovely little flower that loves to live by the streams. Great shots.

  5. Did you ever do that buttercup thing as a child where you hold the flower under your friend’s chin and see whether or not they like butter? (If it reflects yellow, they like butter. Of course, *everyone* likes butter!) Thx for reviving that memory today!

  6. What a cute little yellow flower! It must be a strong one or perhaps it’s just overly confident! 😀 Great photos…

  7. The little yellow flower…awe. It’s pretty. You know what i love seeing? Being in new we don’t have alot of greenery but sometimes between the cracks in the cement sidewalk a blade of grass or a small flower will burst through. I love when nature fights back to take over the land again.

  8. yellow yellow..come out fellow strech your petals and shine ..hello hello ..against the green grass you do stand out as the fellow..who got yellow.

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