Jackson’s Adventure

Jackson took Todd and I on an adventure this past weekend.  We went through the forest, near the river and even jumped over logs.  He was the perfect host and tour guide.  He’s thinking of starting his own tour agency.

The jump

The jump

Yellow carpet.

Taking a dip.

Todd and Jackson-Serious time.

The look.

Watch this!

Just across the river and over that there hill..

Long fun hike.

I love my daddy.

You are so silly!=

Sneaking around.


Getting ready for the jump.

108 responses to “Jackson’s Adventure

  1. Seth, Thanks for checking out one of my blog posts. This was my first try and it was exciting to to know a total stranger was reading my words. Love your dog photos; grew up with a hunting dog – Springer Spaniel. Thanks you for taking the time.

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