Magical place

Come with me to a magical spot, hidden from view.  Step just off the trail and head right and you’ve found the entry.  It’s a place covered from head to toe with yellow flowers.  Cool breeze rise off the river and lightly hug you as they pass by.  Spend some time, rest on a fallen tree, and let your stresses lift away.

Beautiful accident.

Beautiful accident.


Meandering place.

Lazy day.

Nerve damage.


No replacement.

On call.

45 responses to “Magical place

  1. When the tree fell down on the bushy green lawn, the ants got crushed down too, the breeze then carried the news of demise to the distant relatives it knew. Some shed leaves to let of their grief, others led tears flow with streams, silence fell and tall tree were under a spell, called death come close to you..part of living is to return to dust and spring up again, from the seed and never goes on although you are gone ..thats true..

  2. Truly magical! It is so amazing how you make an otherwise ‘dead’ place come alive. I especially like ‘lazy day’, even the water seems reluctant to flow.

  3. I look forward to your photos every day because they are just like you described, a veering off the path, a walk in magical places, a hug from nature, stress slipping away. Thank you for such remarkable, thoughtful images!

  4. Again beautiful..makes me want to grab a picnic hamper and a fishing rod.I love taking pics of all our decrepit trees and stumps..i have even named them..i must post some on my blog ,they really are amusing…one looks like a rhino,one a pig…like a mystical forest of beasts 🙂

  5. Hey Seth,
    Long time no comment. Those tree shots have a lot going on in terms of depth, contrast, and color. Besides trying to capture the scene, did you have any specific goals in mind?

  6. :mumbles: Your posts weren’t showing up in my Reader again. Luckily I popped over to your FB page so i saw new posts.

    Anywho, beautiful little place you found! My favorite picture is actually the last one, it looks like an illustration from a childhood fairytale book.

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