Your Story: The building

While at the Cincinnati Nature Center, Todd and I found this interesting building.  It was just sitting on the property, asking for its story to be told.  Help us out.  Tell us its story.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Put on your best bonnet, turn on your favorite pioneer song, saddle up and go! To see previous Your Story posts click on “Story Time” on the right.


41 responses to “Your Story: The building

  1. The wooden plank house with the door set in the corner of the house. This house had windows far away from the door, so that nobody could throw anything from the window to those who came to visit the family.In this house lived seven sisters with their parents, all seven were pretty but naughty. They would call those who passed their door and hide inside. One day, seven brothers came riding towards the wooden house. But except one, all others were invisible, the sisters tried to trick them but they caught them..feeling ashamed the sisters opened the door and soon all the seven riders walked in. They really liked the pretty seven sisters and asked for their hand. The wedding was arranged and all seven daughters left the house with the door set in the corner :))

  2. I do have the feeling that it was originally meant to become a windmill but it did not work out. The builders were fighting against immigrant Dutch windmillers and ignoring their advise to start building the interior first including the stones, wheels, etc. When the building was ‘finished’ the builders realized they were wrong…. And that’s why the exterior of the building looks more or more less like a primitive windmill without the mill wings…..

  3. This building tells the real story of Rapunzel – a country girl, very inquisitive, and her younger brother. They were very interested in everything, especially exploring new things. Also in making up stories and acting them out. So when they saw this building they immediately wanted to explore it, but Rapunzel was protective of her brother and told him to stay downstairs while she checked the upper floors. Well, the stairs collapsed when she was on the top floor and she had no way down. Her brother shouted to her to throw down her hair and he’d climb up it with a rope so they could both get down. Of course her hair wasn’t long enough to reach the ground so she took the old curtains and made a rope herself. They embroidered the story for their parents when they got home late and the parents found it so amusing they told all their friends, who told all their friends, who…. And you know how stories change to fairy tales and legends when they’ve passed through enough heads. And they lived happily ever after, since the family moved to that old building and made it a destination for tourists.

  4. She was a very poor girl, working nights and days, but never lost her dream. After years of saving she bought a wee spot of land, a quarter acre in all. It wasn’t much she knew, but it was hers. She would build a tower to the heavens with a hundred rooms, all hers to dance through. Her broom her partner, after a long climb up stairs, swishing her way down with the dust. The top floor she called ‘daydreaming’ for that was all she did there. Watching silently as the bats flew across the moon. The only door was set in the corner; she wouldn’t be walled in or up. The view was the soul, she set free each time she pushed a window open. Yet each time she closed the front door, the quiet echoed upwards for days.

  5. Wooden shingles point upwards
    a salutation to the sun,
    to the trees,
    to the forest.
    A temple of nature,
    a shrine of wooden prayers.
    Each shingle covers
    the hopes and desires
    the needs of the world.
    A dream of green,
    A wish for rain
    A love of grass.
    Enter, if you can.
    Leave your shoes at the door
    A corner of prayer
    of holy ground
    A point of reverence
    Singing upwards
    to the sky.
    Holy holy
    Mother Earth
    Don’t leave us.

  6. Reminds me of the children’s tale about the old lady that lived in a shoe with many children. Maybe you found the true house.

  7. So much wood, so few windows. Inside I put my art on the many walls to warm the dim and dusty corners.
    I put my desk by the window, to inspire me, and give me light. Outside the weather is still bleak. Sunlight speckles in between the clouds making a lacy pattern on my papers and reflecting off my computer screen.
    I am cozy inside my house of dreams. The warmth lingers unfettered by drafty windows. Snuggled in my favorite quilts by night and busy at my work by day, I keep warm during the long cold winter months.

  8. The children loved the tree. Minutes. Hours. Days spent in its wise thick branches. He peeked through spy glasses at distant pirate ships. She read of Long John Silver and high seas adventure. The younger boy drew dappled leaves dancing in the sunlight. The younger girl sang sweet songs with many birds nesting in the tree’s branches.

    The children loved the tree. Minutes. Hours. He climbed higher and higher to feel the wind. She gave away her first kiss. The younger he carved his name behind a nest. The younger she studied for difficult tests.

    The children loved the tree. Minutes. Four weddings beneath its wise old branches.

    The tree feel under the push of a mighty wind.

    Grandparents mourned not just the tree, but the many memories.
    A house they built of blanks and wood. Tall and mighty. Fun and filled with books.

    The grandchildren love the house. Minutes. Hours. Days spent in its warm wise walls.

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