Tree Art at CNC

The Cincinnati Nature Center is filled with loads of tree art.  Each new turn in the path brings about another Mother Nature masterpiece. As we say goodbye to the nature center, let’s take time to view some of the wonderful art scenes it has to offer.

Perfectly laid.

Perfectly laid.

Fallen dance.

Tree’s knees.

You don’t remember me do you?




Old and new.

Fork next to the road.

Profile of the fallen.


A nice cuddle.

He labels his pants. That silly Pinocchio!


Nice spot.

Squirrel cannon.


Future looks bright.

Hidden gem.


The machine.

The catwalk.

Rise up youngins, rise up.

Secret portal.


Attention please.



Vacation spot for some.

Carin’s humph…

Beauty marks.

60 responses to “Tree Art at CNC

  1. Fallen trees..once stood tall now no more, gets cut and rest on ground with sores..the dead are cut and transformed into furniture or dust, if to dust then adds to earth and will rise again as a new sprout when spring comes to welcome the tree, back into its greenery once again.

  2. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to see through your eyes. Your photos gives me an idea of it, but I’m always intrigued by how much you see in ordinary things and how you bring what you see into light through the combination of photo and title. Love them, as always 😀

  3. The secret life of trees explained by Seth !
    Perfect I now understand so much more in depth 😉

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  5. My favorite one is the third shot ” You don’t remember me”’s a little bit dark and a just a tad bit blurry giving off that forgotten and mysterious feel and together with your caption offers a little sadness to the equation making for a real powerful image. Loves it!

  6. Rise up, younguns… it’s all so Rise of the Ents! It’s a great shot! They’re all good, but that would be my favorite of this series. I like that you see the humanity in the trees….

  7. Texture, and tints, so many to become lost in for a time. Like the rolling wave of the “Vacation spot for some”, shot. Each with a story, and their own world. Fantastic collective!

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