It was late afternoon when I decided to take a walk down the Little Miami Bike Trail a few miles from my house.  I hadn’t been this way before.  It was to be a new adventure for me.  The sun was sleepy, lazily hanging low.  The colorful quilt of the sky was slowly covering the heavens in preparation for a nice spring evening.

I veered off the paved portion of the trail and found myself near the Little Miami River.  The water was low and I could walk across a few rocks to a small island where only trees and rocks lived.  It was a beautiful spot and for that moment in time, it was mine.  I could hear woodpeckers busy working, owls crying out “who”, and other various birds enjoying an evening chat.  I sat down on some rocks listening to the nature symphony, taking in the beauty of the area.  Here, only a few miles from where I’ll lay down to sleep, is a scene straight out of a fairytale.

My discovery.

My discovery.

Rock town.

My bridge.

Rushing by.

Color is coming back.

Night’s a coming.

Tip of Seth Island.

Sunset-Seth Island style.

Beautiful resting place.

Tree’s life.

Reflecting trees.

Rock’s life.



Grass’ life.

Down and out.

Debris’ life.

Saying goodbye is never easy.

85 responses to “Discovery

  1. This popped into my head as I looked at the photos.
    “Once upon a time, in a land far away, there once flowed a river from the grove of eternal spring. Over time the power of the sun waned and the shadow of autumn fell upon the grove, where now once proud trees stand in skeletal testimony of the evil that dwells in the colder places of this world.”

  2. LOVE pics of water. You can almost hear it ! It’s like those pictures where the food looks like you could reach through the photograph and grab it! ❤ Also, the first photograph looks like a painting!

  3. I love the way you’ve framed them, and how the you’ve the got the water’s feeling of ‘otherness’. What I’m writing at the moment is set in a forest, I’m definitely gonna use these for inspiration and getting a clearer focus in my head when I write. Thanks for stopping by FourthSociety by the way!

  4. You live in the best place ever… to have such beautiful scenery so close!

    Looks like a place one could spend days taking photos.

  5. What a lovely discovery! It looks very much like my river with the trees and rocks. All it needed was a tennis ball! Thanks for sharing your beautiful spaces. You truly live in a remarkable spot on earth!

  6. Looks like it loves to flood through there, Seth. And you are SO spoiled for choice if you have not been that way before! Mate, what else are you hiding? I’ll have to wait for the next set, I suppose!

  7. Would love to see fairytale isle clothed for Summer Seth .
    You must take another paddle again sometime 🙂

  8. Hi, I read and “liked” this post yesterday on my phone – I, too, love it when I discover a new place in this way. I went to look more closely at the images this morning (which are great btw) and on clicking to see them larger, found that I could only look at one image at a time on your PhotoShelter site. I could go through them as a slideshow which would have saved me having to click backwards and forwards all the time.
    When looking at your PhotoShelter site previously, I thought it looked and worked much better than PhotoBox which I was using at the time. I have now set up a PhotoShelter account myself but only have my equestrian photography on it so far. However, I had an enquiry last night which made me change the settings and I wondered if this might be useful to you.
    The enquiry was about downloading photos – the customer thought she could download the photo she wanted by just clicking the big download button on the gallery page but this is actually for me, the account holder. I changed my settings to not display this and told the customer she should click the Buy button and she would then be able to choose between prints or downloads when on the prices pop up window.
    Hope this is useful 🙂

  9. Lovely photos Seth! I love walking through forests and this looks like the ideal walk, you would miss most of the beauty of the scenery if you were to do it on a bike!

  10. What fun! I hope you go back and take some pictures when spring has sprung! I bet it will be beautiful.

  11. It’s almost not fair that you both write AND take pictures so beautifully! 😉
    I’ve nominated you for the Best Moment Award! Details on my blog! 🙂

  12. imagine never walking this way before Seth…you and us of course have been missing such amazing visuals!!! you should walk that way again…:)

  13. When I read this entry; I cracked up- I once shoveled snow after a blizzard. My kids went out and when they came back in the house; I remember asking; “Did you have fun out on ” Mount Serratelli? They did not understand – but I’m sure YOU do! outstanding- brought back a great memory and for that, I thank you.

    LOVED your piece- your pictures are always chrystal clear.

    Spring has sprung! You captured that feeling.

  14. Beautiful, though the water looks cold. I like the fact that you didn’t even leave the debris out of it. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with the debris or the weeds, but they are part of life, too. You handled the debris very artistically! 🙂

      • Stick them in there. You could even put them in the comments. You get a TON of comments! I didn’t realize your blog was so well followed because you always answer right back. I never paid attention until today! You must be a very busy guy answering all those comments, not to mention posting the posts, and doing what ever else you do in life! 🙂

  15. It really does look like a fairytale , so serene. Love the first picture. It’s so beautiful, the trees, the water, the sun setting in the background. What a great place and awesome job in capturing it!

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