One more walk

Take one final walk with me through the streets of Indianapolis.  View the sights and sounds of Indiana’s capital one more time.  Feel the sun warm your face, stealing the cool wind away.  Listen to the city, alive with people and birds.  Remember those who built this place, leaving artwork for you to enjoy.  As we leave, do not fret, for we will once again visit and enjoy all the splendor anew.



Alive on a sunny day.

Shadows of the past.

Living narrowly.

Only the blue.



Layers of history.

Street scene.

Lazy day.

House of Crane.

Goodnight Indy.

40 responses to “One more walk

  1. I notice the sign for Kilroy’s. Did you happen to wander into Roberts Camera, by chance? 😉 I also recognize the Business Furniture building (in image #10), with the arched window that has red panes.
    This was a wonderful series on Indianapolis. It’s a great city with a fabulous downtown area and most definitely one of the easiest big cities to navigate.

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