Glorious Spring Day

What a glorious spring day it was.  The sun filled the earth with yellow beams of warm goodness, enveloping our bodies like mawmaw’s old quilt.  The wind blew through the fields, carrying with it the scent of newborn flowers.  The pups were eager to spend time with the dads, enjoying a nice spring adventure.  Welcome Spring, I am so glad you are here.



Pond view.

Sun’s warm rays.

Old barn.


Old lady Baylee.

Jackson poses.

Walking time.

Goodnight from Ohio.

62 responses to “Glorious Spring Day

    • Thanks Kevin. 🙂 If you lived closer, we could arrange a play date for the pups. Jackson loves making new friends. Old lady Baylee though, can be a bit cranky in her old age. 🙂

  1. wonderful collection Seth…spring isn’t here just yet…but I enjoyed seeing yours!!! I’m way behind…will try to catch up with the post I’ve missed…

  2. Love daffodils …. on Ireland they grow wild .. the spring has come far where you’re. That … Old lady Baylee, is beautiful … love fluffy dogs. Jackson some strong and handsome male. My pick is “Pond view” – love the clearness of the shot …

  3. Beautiful Day, Beautiful Setting, Beautiful Photos. … Is that Todd walking the dog? It’s a fabulous shot, Seth! And, I’m in love with the babies! (P.S. I like your new gravatar pic too!)

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