The circle

There’s a place in the heart of Indianapolis where all the cool folks go to play.  It’s round, larger than life and filled with an abundance of architectural eye candy.  A magnificent golden lady inhabits this place and she surrounds herself with a diverse group of friends.  Her friends include bears, frontiersmen, and even buffalo.  It’s a place alive with the sounds and sights of Indiana.  It’s a must see.

Round and round.


Moving in.

Grand display.

Cannonball and mustache.

Over yonder.

The scene.

A bit of nature.

Bear guards.


Glorious day.

Fingers reaching.

Indianapolis Monthly.

Tree view.

Seven lights.

“My nerves son, my nerves!”

Her mirror.


Leaf piece.

Hidden gem.


64 responses to “The circle

  1. Very set of shots of the architectural details! I really like the shot with the statue reflecting in windows. I briefly visited Indianapolis once and with my only free time, I had to visit the racetrack! I guess I missed out on some interesting architecture…

  2. I was born in Indianapolis, and still get there at least a couple of times a month. I’ve really enjoyed this series of photos. Monument Circle is one of my favorite places in the city, especially when it’s decorated for the holidays in December. Thanks!

  3. I just love the captions and the humour. It really brings the photos to life and makes you look a fraction longer. I had to search for that moustache and I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

  4. The monuments from past and the buildings of glass
    the activities of today, bring joy to yesterdays
    Here we dance and play,
    we sing and daze..its a place
    its a space to be, for leisure and work
    People are free and busy
    as they walk past this square and see
    branches with no leaves
    and yes the flag that brings peace 🙂
    Good pictures Sethsnap as we all can see 😉

  5. Beautiful shots! So are you alway lying down for these or are you just really short? (Kidding) The photography is stunning!

  6. I visited Indianapolis several years ago for a family event, and I had not done any research about the city before I went. I was driving downtown, turned a corner, and saw this absolutely beautiful area by accident. Maybe it was the surprise of the whole thing, but it was one of the more beautiful architectural areas I have ever seen! Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂

  7. Born and raised Indy. I live 9 miles from the circle. I am so thrilled that others see the beauty in this city. It often gets overlooked, but I truly feel this town is under-appreciated. Your pictures definitely show the best the city has to offer and hopefully will inspire others to see the city in a new light. Thanks!

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