Church across the way

There is a church that lies across the great pathway.  It greeted me when I arrived Indianapolis today. “Welcome to my city”, the church said.  “I’ve been here a great long time and I have seen generations come and go, buildings rise and fall and my little city grow into something big.  I think I’ve seen you here before too.  Now take my picture and spread the word.  Even though I have met many, I’ve still so many to see.”  And with that, the church bid me adieu and began it’s hourly song of bells.



Shadow of faith.

Time stamp.

Reaching upward.



 St John Catholic Church, Indianapolis, IN.

71 responses to “Church across the way

  1. I agree, I find them welcoming too. It’s a pity that they are not open like they used to be, sign of the times to prevent the silver going missing 😦

  2. church’s are so beautiful. I love their steeples because so much design and detail goes into them. I’m from Charleston, SC and there are tons of historical churches downtown! You have inspired me to take some pics!

  3. Ohhh i love the last one, the night one. It makes the Church look so majestic! Some churches look scary to me- big and imposing and I’m scared lighting is going to strike if my feet touch their grounds. But, most of the time they are enchanting. I like this Church, it has that timeless feel to it!

  4. Love it. Especially the reflection of the church in her adjacent buildings. The most interesting reflection I have ever seen is the ever-beautiful Trinity Church, Copley Square Boston reflected in the monolithic mirror of the John Hancock tower.

  5. Great gallery … there is always loads of great details to be found in the church’s building and design … my pick is .. the last photo, but the reflection one is fantastic too.

  6. Beautiful church, I love old buildings they just don’t build with such attention to detail anymore. I hate cookie cutter houses and plain block buildings I think I was born in the wrong era. Thanks for the pics I really enjoy your site and I always take a peak everytime I have some spare time

  7. Been looking at your great photographs. As you say in your ‘About me’, i too love seeing the beauty of the landscape and the scenes around me-although I just with my eye rather than a camera. I am a photographic layman! These are cool though.
    Thank you for liking my ‘Why City Jackdaw?’ blog-I am new to all this and still finding my way around. Best Wishes from Manchester, UK.

  8. Thank you for these pictures. i have spent some happy times in Indianapolis researching Frederick Douglass at IU. It is lovely to see th
    those buildings again.

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