Goodbye for now

It’s time to say goodbye to Cincinnati for a bit. Have no fear though, I will return and it will be soon.  As many of you know, I live in the country about thirty minutes north of the city.  I visit Cincinnati often and look forward to capturing more shots there soon.  For now, enjoy these parting shots of Ohio’s Queen City.

Let's pray.

Let’s pray.

Coffee and donut space.

Building bling.


Eyes upon me.

Music Hall profile.


Beautiful curves.

Pointing to the heavens.

My dream photography studio.

City bird.

79 responses to “Goodbye for now

    • Well since I only live 30 minutes north of the city and it is the biggest city near me, I am sure you’ll see a lot more. 🙂 But I reckon the next photos will probably be nature. I’ve got to get out and take some before the possible odd snow storm we may get here this weekend.

  1. Building bling made me laugh. I just imagined the building being all like ‘check out my architecture bizzatch, yeah y’like that? Hand carved 70 years ago. Yeah thassright.’ haha

  2. Your pictures highlighting the variety of architectural styles used there are really great! You always give me a couple of good ideas. Now, the trick is for me to just remember them until a time when I have my camera. 😀

  3. I grew up in the country and am now living in a city and miss the beauty of open land, so although I love the architecture shots I’m excited to see some rural ones.

  4. I’m waiting for more of Music Hall. Some of the greatest concerts I’ve ever experienced were there, and its interior can be breathtaking.
    Your explorations of Cincinnati are very much appreciated and stir many memories for this Dayton native.

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