The Hoosier Statehouse

Close your eyes and imagine a place where important men and women go to play.  It’s the site where fierce battles are waged in the name of the people of Indiana.  Since 1888 it has been a place to be heard, a place to enact, and even a producer of pork.  It is a beautiful building, standing tall, looking stately, and filling the hearts of the Hoosiers with pride.

Proud place.

Proud place.

Round and round.

Old and new.





Eerie green.

Read me to sleep.

Keeping guard.

61 responses to “The Hoosier Statehouse

  1. Your photos of this turned out much better than min. I was able to get a closeup of the Morton statue but my photos of the courthouse didn’t turn out so well.

  2. I really appreciate the way you metaphorically focus on just one or two subjects and then find such diverse and interesting ways to respond to them: by day or night, from different vantage points, highlighting an architectural detail, foregrounding or backgrounding aspects. Really creative and sensitive responses to create a sense of space. Thank you.

  3. Oh I do love all these architectural pictures! I still can’t figure out how you get the one “other” color with the black and white!.

  4. Okay the third picture is amazing! I don’t know what the photographic term is for it, but the effect of colors, the way the reds an the lights pop and the contrast…it just looks amazing. If you stare at the picture it almost looks 3d it has so much depth. Skills Mr. You have serious skills!

  5. thank you for bringing the beauty of Indiana to us! what lens / camera are you shooting with for the first couple of shots? thank you for your visits to my daily posts, and i love your mission!

  6. These are some awesome, interesting pics. I’m suprised that there isn’t more filming being done in Indiapolis. Most of Los Angeles has zero history in its architecture in comparison to great east coast cities.

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