Come with me to a place where one can view skyscrapers in between old German style buildings.  Where one finds the home of America’s grocery store.  Follow me to a place of vibrant reds, crazy greens and deep blues. Colors that will awaken ideas and encourage great thought.  Dance with me in cobbled streets underneath the Art Deco pillars of patriotism, truth, speed, and progress.  Allow me to show you the old, the new and the “what’s to become.”  Get lost with me in a historic city that ebbs and flows like the great River which gives it life.  Dream with me in a place that inspires, fuels and comforts.   It is a city on the rise.  It is a glorious American city that is in the process of a great rebirth.

Star building

Star building

America’s grocery store.




Color on a grey day.

Imagine, Peace and Unity.

In full color.

Side view.

Street view.

Over-the-Rhine door.

Old and new.

My co-explorer.

Queen City.

62 responses to “Rebirth

  1. Very individual shots, many not obvious architecturally but intriguing, such as the oblique views of walls and windows concentrating on textures.

  2. oh my goodness…I miss so much by not visiting!!! for now I’ll have to be satisfied with your amazing pictorial…I especially like the touches of colour against the stark brick and mortar…

  3. Love the way you catch .. the small details .. and bring them out like you do. Wonderfully done and very respectfully done. Asleep is my pick. Love the soft shades in the photo.

  4. I love the ” street view” with that little spot of red in the distance. Beautiful city!

  5. I love that you’re documenting your city. Amazingly it doesn’t happen very often that people do that. Then 20, 30, 50 years later, it’s hard to find photos to go with any history being written. Good job.

    • Thanks Connie. I usually do nature so occasionally I will drive the 30 mins south to Cincinnati to take some photos. It’s an interesting city.

  6. More great architecture! I love the composition of “Color on a grey day”. Great shot. I also love the one of the green door. “Co-explorer” is very well done, too.

  7. All structures progress upwards to taller slimmer or piears, arch up , it sorts of connects human to the sky above. A way of the built environment to look a the sky and see the top most portion of the building. Nice srquence of pictures.

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