Washington Park

Sitting on the edge of downtown and the corner of Over-the-Rhine is Cincinnati’s Washington Park.  Recently refurbished, the park is an oasis for local events, dog walkers and people watching.  With glorious neighbors like Cincinnati’s Music Hall, one can hear the sounds of the symphony and operatic voices in the air.  It’s a place overflowing with Cincinnati.

Walk with me.

Walk with me.

Open seating.

Divine neighbors


Vanna White tree.

Cincinnati Music Hall

77 responses to “Washington Park

  1. wow, Seth…these are gorgeous…I really like how your mind works when it comes to taking a photo…so interestingly unique… the shot of colour in red buildings and the orange Music Hall, are amazing… makes me want to stop and walk around!!! 🙂

  2. All are nice, but I love the shot of the benches… WOW What an outstanding eye you have! 😀

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