The corners of Cincinnati

Sometimes soft, sometimes ridged, corners have a unique place in our lives.  Corners provide depth, intrigue and support.   They allow spies to spy, locals to lean and future lovers to bump into each other.  Cincinnati corners have all this and more.  In Cincinnati, corners have style, color and shape.  They are decorated and ornamented with historic beauty.  Generations have used them to identify home, find protection and scratch an untouchable spot.  Let’s take a moment and view a few of Cincinnati’s corners.



Detail oriented.


Still beautiful.


Neighbor to neighbor.

Always on time.

Nicely dressed.

Call me Fancy.

Freshly dressed.

Wild and crazy.

Back to 1328.

Nice neighbor.

Been around the block.

Standing proud.

Back again.

62 responses to “The corners of Cincinnati

  1. Great pictures Seth, lovely architecture. Neighbor to Neighbor is my favorite 🙂

    All the best!


  2. You should do a travel magazine for Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Your pictures are so incredible they make me want to visit – in the spring or summer!! 😉

  3. Another most excellent post Seth. You should be working for the city of Cincinnati as their PR guy since you’re able to capture so much of the beauty that exists there. I have never been to Cincinnati before, but I’m going to make a point of it next time I’m in America. Cheers!

  4. I had no idea Cincinnati was so beautiful! Love your buildings and the history you have captured. Not so sure about the one painted pale green with pink and yellow details though? Ha! Ha! Thanks so much for showing me your ‘corner’ of the world! Cheers, Barbara xxx

  5. OH how creative. Love the different angles and perspectives. The colors too! I wonder how many colors I over look each day cause I don’t look up. 1328 was my fav. Gives timeless a whole different meaning! Hmmm maybe I should play the lotto with those numbers! lol.

  6. Thank you for these. Interestingly, the Spanish language has multiple words for ‘corner’- Esquina, rincon. So many descriptive deficits in language sometimes, but no mistaking photos like these. Hope you make it back to Cinci soon.

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