Boll weevil

I found myself in a forest of white.  The trees were iced in heavy snow that seemed to weigh down and burden them.  When they could, the trees would free themselves of the powder, causing snow to cascade down like a waterfall.  I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the treetops.  The trees majesty had been enhanced by their new white robes.  Was I in heaven?  It was then that I realized, I was just a boll weevil in a Mississippi cotton field.  Then, I awoke.

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Natural picture frame.

Natural picture frame.

Caution! Falling snow ahead.

Majestic white robes.

Towering over.





Snow ceiling.

61 responses to “Boll weevil

  1. Winter wonderland – this is how I want my winter, but not anymore *smile – bring on the spring now. You have got loads of snow, hope it’s not coming our way in a weeks’ time. Wonderful and beautiful gallery filled with peace and softness. Natural picture frame.- my pick of this lovely bunch.

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  3. Beautiful shots 🙂
    Thank you for liking ‘Plants, Flowers & Building’ photographs. 🙂
    Is there any improvements that need to be made?

  4. Beautiful pictures of the trees covered in snow. It is quite pretty that way, but we don’t generally have that option but maybe once every year or so…LOL 😀

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