Snow globe

Come with me to a place filled with white puffy snow. A place where all is white, clean and new.  A spot where moments before, fresh deer prints in the fallen snow tell of romps in the forest. It’s a place we’ve been before.   Listen! Do you hear the birds calling your name?  Look!  Do you see the grand river, still awake, alive with water streaming to places unknown? Touch! Do you feel the energy of those who’ve come before you in the rugged bark? Smell! Do you smell the perfumes of the plants? All your senses are now awake and alert, reborn with the excitement of discovery.

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White Wonderland.

White Wonderland.

The entrance to the sky.

Can you see me?

Snow spider.

Hiding place.

Tree ribs.

Snow gods monument.

Hidden river.

Watching over.

Deer ghosts.

Taking flight. (Find the bird. Click on the photo for a larger view)

Farewell until spring.

58 responses to “Snow globe

  1. Wow … and here we had sunshine and clear blue sky for a week now – snowdrops are blooming .. but it’s still a bit bitter in the air. I’m afraid we will get more snow, but it better hurry up. Because the nature has spring feeling. Hiding place, my pick. Snow and friendship makes the world soft. Lovely gallery again. This is me back with one foot.

  2. You, in tandem with Nature, have created some LOVELY imagery! I wanted snow badly this year… but apparently… other parts of the country had higher bids! 😉

  3. It’s March and today is going to be 33 degrees in my city and it will remain above 30 until at least next Wednesday when it is tipped to be 37 – what I would give for a bit of snow right now! Thanks for making me dream of a glorious winter

  4. Seth, your photos and words are beautiful. Thank you so much for liking my own writing…I truly appreciate the support. I am honored to give you the follow and look forward to your future posts!

  5. Living the snow vicariously through you – not but a scant flake of it here in more ‘n a year

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