Lake Isabella: The Fence

I looked up and there it was.  It wasn’t new.  It was worn, aged and broken.  Perched on top of a hill overlooking the river, it has seen much.  It was eager to see me and share its stories.  For you see, it has seen many things but rarely has visitors.   “Touch me”, it said.  I touched the old fence and was transported through time, witnessing family picnics, lovers stealing a kiss in the night, and beautiful sunsets.  As I was leaving, it asked that I share it’s story.  So go ahead, look real hard. Find your story.

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Look at me!


Loaded with history

My friends

My view

Porthole to the past.

Take a look.

Beauty abounds



Up Next: Lake Isabella: Up Close.

56 responses to “Lake Isabella: The Fence

  1. great photos as usual. I have a wordpress question for you. I noticed when I post a blog that the people who get my posts do not have the like button click on at the end of the post like you have. I have the comment button, but not the like. Do you know how I can make sure everyone gets the like button? thanks for any techy help you can give me…

  2. It’s a beautiful fence. And yes, it does entice one to want to sit down next to it in a chair with a glass of wine, almost as if to talk to it and ask what it has seen all those many years, the nocturnal animals at night, the storms and such. Great post!

  3. You know what, it’s probably my mind, but I read the title of the post as ‘Lady Isabella’, which gave the photos an added element of poetry, as they seemed to have a character who I couldn’t see, but was present anyway…

  4. beautiful, both the words and the photos…I like the detail, very nice…it also is interesting to see the way this fence was constructed…each rail goes into one of the three holes in each post…does seem like it would be sturdy enough??? maybe they nailed the rails in the holes?

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