Lake Isabella, Ohio

Lake Isabella is a twenty-eight acre body of water situated in a Hamilton County park about fifteen miles north east of Cincinnati.   The Little Miami River traverses the park and most of the public areas are located on a strip of land between it and the lake.

The first stop I made was at the boat house, a beautiful building where one can dock, bird watch, fish or just sit and enjoy the view.  As you’ll see in my photos, I was fixated by the fence railing along the dock.  I can’t really explain why, but I was drawn to the rugged look of the posts.

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In line.

Dry docked



Goose tracks

In between

Close up

Blue day

Keeping it real

Ripple effect

The Scene

Mid the gap.



A bit of white

Line in the water

What a view!

Frozen spider

Until next time.

Up Next: More of Lake Isabella Park.

96 responses to “Lake Isabella, Ohio

  1. Something about a frozen lake is oddly calming. Frozen spider is a great picture. I’m curious as to what’s happening Keeping It Real. It looks like a splash of something falling into the water, but it looks almost like a splash that was frozen before it sunk back into the lake.

  2. Ohhh so pretty. I like the looks of this place. Goose tracks is my fav! When i walked my dog when it snowed I tried to get her to walk on the un-shoveled parts of the sidewalk, but she pulled against the leash to get back on the clear paths. Such a diva. But her little paw prints are so cute! lol.

  3. I love the rope detail ones in particular. Would love some more of those – the texture of rope that is weathered like this is so satisfying in a photo! (that sounds weird but it’s right in my head).

  4. Seth:
    It is a comfort to wake up to the simplicity of your work. You are a master of composition and keen at titling. Love the order of everything.
    Jeanne Poland
    Jeanne Poland

  5. I am the rope that twisted and turned to hold you straight and up, no movements no turns, because of me..I go around and round and touch each one , connect to form a railing with wooden post..get turn and old, but still I hold as long as I am..I control 😉

  6. Void & Blue day … is my pick out of this amazing bunch. You have given me .. some great idea here.
    Thanks! Love how you bring out a little bit of color in every shot.

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  7. I do love how you do that with your pictures…. some day you’ll have to explain it to me… LOL 😀

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