Keehner Park- Frozen

Todd and I drove about twenty miles west of our home to a parked called Keehner in West Chester, Ohio.  The east fork of Mill Creek runs through the park. The creek, though small, is loaded with character.  He boasts many rocks and bolders that allow the water to sing as it passes over them.  In the winter, the creek is a frozen wonderland, filled with ice and snow.  Frozen in time, much of the water becomes ice sculptures, adding to the mystique of the creek.  What little water that flows, trickles down the creek, below the ice, surfacing periodically to bask in the sun.



Frozen in time

Ice sculptures


Winter’s bite


Winter’s charm


Still moving

Perfect placement

Bit of blue

Natural skyscrapers

Up next: More from Keehner Park.

113 responses to “Keehner Park- Frozen

  1. Glad to be sitting on my sofa looking at this frozen wonderland ! Lovely pictures .. the creek was playing along on your side that day 😉

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    • Thanks Tasha.. see I thought I knew you. I figured you would have gone for “still” or “Still moving” 🙂 It always amazes me the ones that folks like. I don’t know why.

      • Lol I DO love those images but my fear of ice overpowers my like for them …lol. Being in NY i’ve had many many slips on sidewalks from ice but I’m terrified of frozen lakes and falling through ice. Irrational, since I’m never around frozen lakes. But, still even looking at a picture I just think “it’s going to be so cold when i fall through that!”…lol

      • I understand. Todd and I split for a bit while at the park. (more like he kept walking while I was being distracted by all the photo opps). Anyway, I walked all and down the frozen creek. He caught back up with me and scolded me like a child. 😉 He said if you fall through in this cold, you might loose your toes. It’s dangerous… 🙂

  3. wow…they are all wonderful but the first four are stunning…love them!!! watched the videos, enjoyed them…but I did notice there is was great deal of open running water where you were walking…hmmm…not the safest place to walk I wouldn’t think??? sorry the mother in me comes out! 😉

  4. Absolutely stunning, as usual! This makes me feel like it’s actually winter despite the 70-degree weather here in Texas (;


  5. Still, Winter’s Bite and Still Running, are amazing! The video is cool as well! Man You are awesome at this whole picture taking thing! Great Job!

      • India is a photographers paradise, if you ever do visit, be prepared for looong stay! I only take photos to go with the writing, which is why I so appreciate someone who has a great eye and the sensitivity to make an image sing, like Sethsnap.

  6. My style of winter … just adore this … Perfect placement, is my pick. -1C isn’t that cold, but I suppose it has been a lot colder to get the ice that thick.

  7. Gorgeous photos, and I’m envious of your ability to walk around in such a beautiful, magical landscape. We’re in the middle of a heat wave here, with a total fire ban in my city.

  8. Low to mid 30’s (Celsius) in some places. Not “Australia” hot, but pretty warm for NZ. Also no rain for ages, and everything seems so brown and dry. I don’t really do heat well, and would way rather live somewhere that I can get out in the snow.

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