The Little Miami River

The Little Miami River is omnipresent in these parts. It seems around every bend you find yourself along side or crossing over this magnificent river.  Traversing five Ohio counties before joining the Ohio, she is named after the Miami people who lived here during European settlement.  She has been named a Natural Wild and Scenic River by the US government.

In the summer, she often hosts thousands of kayakers and canoers as they splash down her fast flowing waters, enjoying some summer sun.  During the winter, she is much quieter, frozen around the edges from the bitter cold.  I visited her yesterday at her Landon, Ohio point just below the 22/3 highway bridge.  We had a short conversation, before the trees napped by camera. She was a gracious host, wearing her beautiful winter white dress and entertaining as only she can.

New: Watch a short video I took while on my shoot to hear the sounds of the river.         Also, see a close up video of the small rapids.

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Best winter dress.

Best winter dress

The view

Easy days


Frozen bits


Showing off

Bent over in laughter

The bridge

Twig art


Resting place

Leaf perspective



Until next time.

66 responses to “The Little Miami River

  1. beautiful. When I was studying my husband’s ancestors, I came across documents where his 4 times great grandfather was instrumental in some of the bridges made in Ohio.

      • I would think in Stark county. This was in the late 1700’s ..He was concerned about one that was built and he was in that line of business to rebuild and develop the area and had an ad in the paper of those days to get bids on rebuilding! It was so cool. I will see if I can find the info and send you , but my guess that even those bridges he was involved with may be gone….I keep saying I am going to write a blog about this ancestor..He was a pioneer of his time as so many of those first settlers that were going “west” from PA or Mass. Ohio was “going west” back then! lol

    • I’ve never been to that County (expect on 75) but I hear great things about the Strawberry festival there. I’ll have to check that out this year.

  2. Interesting how the cold can make a river in Miami look like a river in Maine—looks just like the river near the park, where the ducks are nowhere to be seen.

  3. Well Seth, you hit a nerve with me (in a good way!) The shot ‘Vista’ looks very much like a river in Michigan with which I am familiar. And the embedded videos, is this new on your site? very nice. As a fly fisherman, I could watch the water and listen to its soothing ripple loop upon loop upon loop. Good elixir to the mid winter blahs for this guy. Thanks.

  4. I love them all, they are the kinds of views that touch me…what can I say? I watched both videos and enjoyed the rapids and sounds, gives an amazing effect as the stills make it appear so calm and quiet!

  5. So stunning !! All were beautiful. I grew up in the Adirondack area and Letchworth State Park area. These bring back great memories!

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