Keehner Park- Tree Art

It just so happens that Keehner Park was having a “tree art” showing while we were there.  Trees from all the various families joined in the fun by creating their best “tree art” masterpieces.  They twisted, broke, fell and bent to show off their true creative sides.  The trees of Butler County were aiming to take the crown for the most creative.  How did they do?

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Light blue



Hiding spot


A gasp


Will you light my candle?


By a wire



Look up

71 responses to “Keehner Park- Tree Art

  1. It’s about time that I came by and commented! Thanks for stopping by my “place”, I’ve come to enjoy seeing you pop up there! Now I get to see more of your work, and it’s very wonderful to see!

  2. LOVE “light Blue!” I may actually have to purchase this when I settle into a new job! The capture is Amazing! I would be looking for 8X10 or larger…I will let you know when the actual Purchase occurs! And promise to feature this in my Living Room! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. Your narratives remind me of the late Bob Ross, as he would talk while painting on his PBS show. It’s wonderful. 🙂

  4. These are some stunning compositions. It’s really cool to come up with creative and unique compositions with fairly regular subjects. I love how some of the trees are photographed to resemble modern art. I don’t know if that was the intention but it looks like that!
    Personal favourite would be the first one – Beautiful

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  6. V is my favorite. The color of the wood really pops with the blue skies in the background. But most of all, my favorite is your photo commentary. You’re a riot!

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