Cruising to Cadiz

After our stops in the Canary Islands(Time in Tenerife; La Palma and Lanzarote) , 0ur first stop on mainland Spain was Cadiz.  Cadiz is a grand old city.  In fact it is one of the oldest cities in southwestern Europe.  Todd and I wandered the city, getting lost in the narrow streets.  It is a beautiful city surrounded by sea.

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Cadiz Statute

Red and blue

Looking up

The lady




The tower





A blur




The Column

The doorway



Spanish igloo



The tree


Orange, yellow & green

96 responses to “Cruising to Cadiz

  1. Breathtaking! Loved the angles in some of your pictures. I LOVE the tree. What kind is it? Also, liked the the orange, yellow and green. Wow! Thank you!!!!

  2. How lovely. I love that we get to re-live this trip with you through your photography. Feel like I’m right there experiencing it in the flesh. it’s a nice supplement from actually being able to go lol.

  3. Spain you got art and architecture, supporting and encouraging for brighter days or happier moments with the end with colorful nature..very nice sequence :)) domes, the piers, the statutes the churches ..

  4. They look KIND OF like a mimosa trees flowers, but I am not a botanist so don’t quote me on that. The ones I’ve seen up close here in the states are usually pink in color but a google image search pulled up some that were yellow

    • I havent been to Grenada or Madrid but we did stop in Barcelona and spend two days prior to coming back to the States. I’m posting a few pictures from Barcelona shortly. In Barcelona you will want to see La Rambla(famous avenue), and of course the Sagrada Familia. But I just enjoyed walking the streets and sitting at the cafes. I look forward to seeing which you prefer, Madrid or Barcelona.

  5. Thanks for sharing these! They’re fantastic. I was born in Spain (Seville) and was in Cadiz at some point (my family traveled a lot through the south of Spain), but I was too young to remember it.

      • I’ve only ever been to the United States and Canada. While North America’s absolutely beautiful, I want to see a lot more. Your photos remind me there’s a whole lot more to see of the world than I could ever imagine, and that I need to get started!

      • I’ve been to mainland British Columbia, just north of my native Washington State. My dad brought the whole family along on a hunting trip to my cousin, Doug’s lodge, a little cabin in the middle of massive fir trees, right next to a picturesque little creek. Doug bragged to us that he had both running water and electricity thanks to his self-made hydroelectric dam. I was 5.

        I’ve also been to Victoria, B.C., which is an absolutely gorgeous city. Teatime at the Empress Hotel and the Butchart Gardens still stand out in my mind. My S.O.’s also been to Quebec, and has done some paintings based off of photographs her brother took while there. If you’re interested, they can be found here:

        Have you been to Quebec or B.C.?

      • Yes, I’ve been to Montreal but never to B.C. I’ve also been to Toronto. Both of these cities I visited often when I worked for the airlines but that was several years ago. I live about four hours south of the Canadian border here in Ohio. I should drive up there sometime and take photos.

    • Thanks! I am posting a few Barcelona photos soon. I will continue to post photos of my adventures around here as well. It will be more difficult though as the weather sours. But, I do look forward to snow photos when we start to see the white stuff.

  6. How does the sky looks so beautifully blue all the time in all your photographs.?? You seem to love it more than anything. Your frame always has it. Lovely pics.

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