La Palma and Lanzarote

Yesterday, I wrote about our stop in Tenerife. (Time in Tenerife)  Today, I’m going to take you on a photo journey to the other two Canary Islands that Todd and I had the opportunity to visit while on our transatlantic cruise.

The first stop is the Island of La Palma. Todd and I didn’t have an excursion planned for this island so we just walked around Santa Cruz.   La Palma is much quieter than the other two islands we visited.  It was a perfect place to stroll, relax and do some people watching.  It was also the first land we had seen in six days.  While we loved being on the sea, it was nice to actually step foot on firm ground again.

A few days later we were on the island of Lanzarote.  Here, we went to the beach of Tias near Puerto Del Carmen.  It is a dark sand beach filled with yellow and orange umbrellas.  Since I am a walker instead of a sunbather, I ventured the streets near the beach and had a good time seeing how the locals lived.

To purchase a print or see a larger view, click on the photo.  I am in the process of linking each past photo to the gallery view, where you can choose to buy prints.  It is a bit tedious but I should have all previous blog posts done soon.  To see more of my photos, visit my galleries.

Transatlantic rain

In the middle of the Atlantic

Ocean bliss

Downtown: La Palma

The face: La Palma

The bird: La Palma

The door: La Palma

The time: La Palma

The hill: La Palma

Leaving La Palma

La Palma from the sea

The square: La Palma

The entrance: La Palma

The palm: Lanzarote

The beach:Lanzarote

The wall: Lanzarote

Yellow bell: Lanzarote

Purple view: Lanzarote

Tree view: Lanzarote

84 responses to “La Palma and Lanzarote

  1. I visited Lanzarote 3 years ago (I haven’t blogged about it, so unfortunately I have no photos to show you) and I liked it because it was “different” from other places that I have been. I went to the volcano area and took a tour and also visited some villages in the inland.I wasn’t much impressed by Puerto del Carmen…it is built so dense and it’s full of hotels and restaurants (not so much local flair)

  2. Beautiful photography! I’m a novice photographer. I do it as a hobby. But would like to improve my basic knowledge so I can add a few prints periodically with my blogs. Great work…

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  4. You make my day by confirming that i’m not the only photographer who gets excited by simple things like doors and rough edged stone…
    …the bird photo is stunning, I also like the raindrops on the ship’s rail too… but I always go back to the buildings and stone photos.

    Favourites of these (ok I love the bird and the stone face, but also “time” with the clock tower…it was the combination of stone and little snippits of highlight colour that did it)

  5. wonderful shots!
    La Palma is, of the Canary Islands I visited, my favorite one; have you tried the wonderful white wines and fresh fish in any of the “chiringitos” in the beach?

  6. Haha, I’d also be one of the walkers then… 😛 The place looks quite interesting. 🙂
    The 2nd last picture, I forgot the English name, but there are loads of those here (in Bali).. And we call it ‘kembang kertas’ (roughly translated into English: paper flower).

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  9. I was here in November hoping it would still be warm enough for me to swim (flew from London for some sun), and it was freezing and dead. Too bad. It seemed pretty.

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