I’m back….again

This past weekend it seemed to rain every second of every hour. No snow, just rain. This is Downtown Cincinnati. Taken with my iPhone

In a world where change is the norm, crazy is the sane and uncertainty is the future, I have decided to make my thoughts, photos and drawings known. 

I am truly sorry that I have not been faithful in my blogging.  In fact, I’ve been downright rude.  But a new year calls for me to do better.  And so I shall. 

Since I’ve last relayed my thoughts, much has happened.  Todd and I went on a fantastic Mediterranean cruise last summer. I will walk you through our destinations with thoughts and photos.  I’ve worked at my current job going on three years. I now manage(until Feb, a story for another day) a group of nine awesome individuals.  

Baylee left us last year. We miss her so.  Jackson and Franklin keep us happy. 

I am glad to be back. I welcome sharing my life with you. 

I took this picture last winter in Over-The-Rhine Cincinnati. Recently, I acquired a ipencil and have started to draw. I like to merge my drawings and photos. What do you think?

31 responses to “I’m back….again

  1. Welcome back! I took a similar unplanned break until recently, and found it very easy to get back into the saddle somehow. Hope to see more of your pictures!

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