While driving around the other day, we spotted a somewhat creepy, somewhat surreal, but nonetheless beautiful sight.  Several large trees loaded with bats.  These bats were huge.  They are a local fruit bat.  Many indigenous folks hunt and eat the bat.   Regardless, you don’t see this in the States.

Flying squirrel size.

Flying squirrel size.

Hanging out.

Flying solo.

Bat art.

Family tree.

28 responses to “Bats

  1. Your bats caught my eye. Here in the northeast US the brown bat has a fungal disease and numbers are declining which is very worrisome. I had one in my house recently and had to capture it. The first thing I did was to put on a hat because of the old wives tale that they can get tangled in your hair. I knew it was a myth but didn’t want to take any chances!

  2. My eyes nearly fell out my sockets! I was just scrolling through my reader and saw your blog name and just glanced at the picture and then i read the little paragraph and i was like bats? So i clicked over to your blog and really looked and i wished i didn’t. Thoroughly creeped out lol.

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