Island of fallen things

While on Capones Island we took a rocky but beautiful walk around the island’s hill.  In the 90’s a massive rock slide deposited these huge rocks, creating a gorgeous scene.  It was an enjoyable walk.  However, I did get plummeted by a huge unexpected wave as you’ll see in one of my photos.



My entourage.

Splish Splash.


Perfection in blue.


A place to ponder.

A place for fallen things.

Trail of leaves.

Rollin’ in.

Size matters.

36 responses to “Island of fallen things

  1. Reblogged this on Lost Things and commented:
    Lying in bed feeling flu-like consoling myself with warm tea and honey, these gorgeous snaps will me to really start booking my next holiday.

    (Italy or Spain though? Mmmmm)

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