I woke up in a bunny’s dream

This morning I awoke to find my world all askew.  I was in a meadow and beside me was a bunny with a fluffy white tale.  He looked at me and to my amazement said “Oh hey you, I’m Matt, welome to my dream.”  He continued with, “Let me show you around.”  It was a magnificent place, filled with lush green plants, beautiful flowers, and a castle. “So this is how bunnys dream”, I said.  “Yes, and now it’s time for you to go.”  And with a scratching like motion of his hind leg, everything blurred.  I was back in my room, it was 5:45am and time to begin my day.


Mr. Bunny.

Mr. Bunny.

Bunny castle.

Carrot top tower.

Bunny ball.

The way back.

Perfect resting place.

Bunny magic.

Location: Symmes Castle, Symmes Township, Ohio.

63 responses to “I woke up in a bunny’s dream

  1. Beautiful images and dream..love the bunny…even though his friends are driving me bonkers here with there tree underpinning grrrr…I ask them nicely to leave..i get the up yours tail from them 😉

  2. Beautiful, seth,and what kind of bunny ball fruit? Thank you for sharing beautiful bunny dream

  3. Fabulous. I’d like to be able to scratch my ear with my foot. I agree with the previous post, that you would do well writing children’s books. Your imagination is refreshing and, at times, astounding. A real gift.

  4. Mr Bunny was excited, as he had finally found his castle of dreams.It was surrounded by trees and had a forest, as a play field. To skip jump and run. Mr Bunny , checked out the details, bunny ball, the sleeping log and the red bunch of leaves..so different yet part of his castle’s area. Now..he is looking for friends like squirrel and birds..So..sethsnap must have another dream, to enable him to meet his freinds .

  5. That’s a very spiky ball for a bunny, no wonder he’s holding his leg up in the air….

    Love buns and hares, used to keep house rabbits and that one looks like a little doe I used to own called Muffin, so very cute….

  6. Hi,seth hope bunny ball is not datura (thorn apple) ,and take care your self and jackson(sometime you take him to the forest) when you going out.

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