Headin’ home

I took an Independence Day journey across four states to reach my childhood home and visit my family for the long holiday weekend.  It was a soggy and messy drive but I made it safe and sound.  This area, bordering two southern states, was all I knew until I left home at nineteen.  Now, I share a taste of it with you.  There will be more to come.


Hwy 64: Lincoln County,TN

Hwy 64: Lincoln County,TN

A valley in Lincoln Co., Tennessee.

Barn & mountain. (Lincoln County, Tennessee)

A curious resident.(Lincoln County, Tennessee)

Field of colors: Madison Co., Alabama.

Country tree. (Lincoln Co., Tennessee)

Old Timers. (Park City, TN)

67 responses to “Headin’ home

  1. the barn so red with a back drop of trees in grey tone..its so contrasting in theme..the green fields of Alabama, the horse you ride on free..climb up the old tree and look for old timers parked beneath..remember the hwy 64..it takes me home..at ease

  2. I went to school in Northern Alabama for some happy years. Your pictures are nostalgic for me. They bring back the beauty of the hills.

  3. Home, no matter how far, how long, to or since is a particular kind of sweet 🙂 Insert superlative of your choice photographs 🙂

  4. Stunning and inspiring pictures. The B bus is headed out for the summer road trip in a few weeks and we’ll be making our first visit to Tennessee, Alabama and the Carolinas. Can’t wait! Thanks for stopping by our blog and sharing some Likes with our photographic efforts. 😉

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