The dream continued

A bright light from nowhere but from everywhere, fell on me like a surfer’s wave.  It encompassed my body like a warm lovingly made quilt.  Colors started to appear in the corners of white and rapidly advanced in a zigzag towards me.  I was in a familiar but unknown place.  The flowers were everywhere, lighting up the canvas with yellows, greens, and purples. I had to be in a dream. I was my mind’s own guest, enjoying scenes I thought I knew.  The scenes were slightly off but oh so real.  The colors left as suddenly as they appeared.  I was awake and it was Monday.

Purple dream

Purple dream

Un ami.


Open heart surgery.

Unfamiliar, familiar place.

Even dreams have borders.


Planting dreams and ideas.

51 responses to “The dream continued

  1. “un ami” is both hope inspiring and a subtle beauty. Who would have imagined those layers were shielding a delicate beauty!

    • Thanks Rusha. It’s a yellow rose plant. It was given to me by a close friend when we moved into this house. I planted it and it always reminds me of her. 🙂

  2. Oh I love all of these Seth! You have such a wonderful gift! Beauty seen where some would not even notice. 😀

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