Living in a dream

I found myself surrounded by greens, yellows, reds, and blues.  Every color of the earth, transforming, merging, and creating the images before my eyes.  It was after a short burst of rain had quenched the thirst of every living creature that called this place home.  The drops of rain had found a brief home and were clinging to the forms of color, occasionally falling and adding to the symphony of nature. The sun, frustrated by the amount of obstacles in its way, bended, curved, and rounded its fingers to try and touch what lie beneath. The smell of honeysuckle, wildflowers, and evergreens danced in the air, entering my mind, and dislodging childhood memories of southern summers buried deep in my head.  Was I dreaming or living? Asleep or awake?  The answer I discovered was both.



Ohio’s salut to Tennessee’s state flower.

Why not?

Yellow find.

Reality, dream merge.

Through the entrance.

Red dash.

New temporary home.


Tree creatures.


Dream shade.

Home sweet home.

Purple friend.


Until next time.

Note: I used Photoshop’s oil painting feature to enhance my photographs. Let me know what you think.

120 responses to “Living in a dream

  1. First of all, I love the water droplets on the leaves and the last photo is wonderful! Second … how on earth do you have time to respond to all the comments – which you are always so good to do 🙂

  2. Pretty Pretties! You are an excellent photographer. I love how bright, and clear, and colorful all of your photos are – well done! 🙂

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